Weathered is a Point and Click 1950s Inspired RPG set in the middle of the sea…


-Explore the pier island of Hestia.

-Meet a variety of Characters with unique dialogs.

-Play it how you want to play it, you are not forced to do things.

-Use your Holographic monocle to view Stats, Allies, Tasks and Inventory.

-Use Cards to buy documents from the Corgra Pumps.

-Complete quests to earn Cards.

-Choose what happens with the “Random Events”.

-A Noire style soundtrack radio.

-More to be announced…







Programming, Art, and Design:  Charlie Nash

Soundtrack: James Graham, Kevin MacLeod.

Thanks: Ruan Opie Meres, ‘Crimson Wizard’.

Special Thanks: Javier Cabrera.

Get Weathered on FREE on Desura, with added features

Desura Digital Distribution

Or get Weathered on IndieDB here

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