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If you feel you have enjoyed any of my projects enough to donate a small amount of money, it would be much appreciated. :)

In return, if you donate £3/$4.90/€3.61 or more, you will receive a digital folder containing ‘never used before Art’ (Including early artwork for Weathered), Weathered’s Original Soundtrack, A Collection of my Batch games (Including old and unreleased), and my eternal gratitude for supporting my projects. 

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Continuing development on Weathered

I have decided to continue development on Weathered.

More exciting features to be announced.



Here it is!

Weathered Free >

Fuck it, lets make it free.

As you may have seen on the Weathered page, I have decided to make Weathered free.

Download link will be up soon.

Weathered is now available! (Again)

I have taken Weathered off of Indie City and I am proud to say that I am now hosting it on Digital Goods Store. This means the following:

-Weathered is available for £2.00. Just go to the Weathered page and click Buy Now!

-You will receive all the future updates, sent to your email address.

-Weathered is now DRM-Free! Do what you want with it, you bought it.

-Weathered is now easier than ever to buy and play, just purchase it through paypal and download it. No client required!

Bad Luck


As some of you may know, I released Weathered as an In Progress Alpha game on Indie game distributor: “Indie City”. Unfortunately I released it on the site exactly one day before Blitz Games announced they were going into Liquidation. What does this mean? Honestly I am not sure. I don’t know whether I will receive any money from the sales or not, but to be on the safe side; I am going to be changing distributor. I am not sure where yet, but when I do I will announce it.

Don’t worry to anyone who has bought Weathered on Indie City. I appreciate your support in purchasing the game in its early state, regardless of whether I receive any money or not. So if you have purchased it on Indie City, you will get the game on the new distribution site, aswell as a free copy of #1 of my new project: “Tales from the Lighthouse” as a thank you.


Thanks alot, Charlie. 🙂

Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new site! There will regularly be updates about “Weathered” posted here, so if you are interested in following the development progress of the game, follow this blog or check back regularly.


Thanks, Charlie 🙂